Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is a free tile-matching game made in classic mahjong style. Clear the gaming board by linking mahjong stones before the time runs out! Complete all 5 levels to win the game. Enjoy mahjong connect with modern design, different difficulty modes, and full-screen!

How to play

The basic idea of mahjong connect is very simple - connect stones with identical images to remove them from the board. However, for the stones to be removed they must be connected by no more than 3 straight lines. Every time you link stones together an indicator line will appear showing how many steps there were between the stones.

Let’s explore some examples of how the stones can be connected.

Adjacent stones

You can remove stones that are direct neighbors.

Which adjacent stones can be removed

One line

You can remove stones that are connected by a single straight line and there are no other stones in between.

Stones linked with one line can be removed

Two lines

Here the stones are connected with two lines. You can also think about it as how many times the line turns 90 degrees. In this case, the line turns one time. So if you are going to think with “turns”, the indicator line must not make more than 2 turns. If you think with “lines”, the indicator line must not consist of more than 3 straight lines.

Stones connected with two straight lines can be removed

Three lines

Stones connected with 3 lines can be removed as well. Note that the length of the lines doesn’t matter, it’s possible to match stones located on the opposite sides of the board.

Stones connected with three lines can be removed


To make it more fun, the game provides 3 types of tools that will help you with your games:

Bomb Mahjong Connect Bomb Helper Tool 3 random pairs of mahjong stones will be bombed and removed from the game board.

Shuffle Mahjong Connect Shuffle Helper Tool Getting lost in the current layout of the board and can’t find any good move to make? Use the shuffle button to mix the stones. Also, the board gets shuffled automatically when there are no more removable stone pairs.

Hint Mahjong Connect Hint Helper Tool The hint button will choose the best possible stone pair for removal and highlight it.

Game Modes

Mahjong Connect offers two different game modes for you to choose from, normal and relax. The core gameplay stays the same for both modes but they differ in difficulty. Normal mode is a more challenging version of mahjong, while relax mode is perfect if you just need to unwind and relax.


Normal mode is the way the game was meant to be played. There are 5 levels with a 7-minute time limit per level. You lose the game when the time runs out. With each level time is reset, but the game gets a little bit harder. Also, with each level stones change the shift direction in the following order - down, up, right, left. On the last level, stones are not shifted after removal. Complete all 5 levels to win the game!


Mahjong Connect on a relaxing difficulty is a truly calming and meditative experience! It’s a timeless game mode that puts zero pressure on you and you are free to play at your own pace. Simply connect the stones, and try for the highest score multiplier or level. Relax mode also allows unlimited use of helper tools and there is no upper-level limit so the game can go forever. Shift direction is determined randomly at the start of the level.


Removing a pair of stones will earn you 10 points. Quickly removing stone pairs one after the other will increase the multiplier which can significantly increase your score. You have about 1.5 seconds to remove a pair before the multiplier is reset. Also, you earn 1 point for every second of leftover time.


Mahjong Connect records some statistics of your gameplay, like win-to-lose ratio, biggest score, and multiplier. You can view your game stats by clicking on the leaderboard located in the top left corner of the main menu. It’s also possible to reset the statistics if you want to start fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the highest multiplier?

There are in total 140 stones and 70 stone pairs, so the highest possible multiplier in mahjong connect is x70.

What is the time limit?

Each level has a 7 minute time limit.

Can I play Mahjong Connect on mobile?

Yes! Mahjong Connect is built with HTML5 technology which works across all range of devices from laptops and desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. Just open the link in your browser and enjoy! Mahjong Connect works on both iPhone and Anroid devices.

Can I play Mahjong Connect without flash player?

Yes! Our game is built with modern web technologies and does not require flash player.

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