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Mahjong is a popular tile-matching video game, with hundreds of different websites offering to play the game online. Classic Mahjong is a MSN Mahjong alternative that offers exceptional gameplay, 120 original layouts and many unique features!

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MSN Mahjong vs Classic Mahjong

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Classic MahjongMSN Mahjong
Works on iPhone, iPad and Android
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MSN Mahjong is probably the most featurefull Mahjong Solitaire game you can find online, offering 51 original layouts, statistics and awards, as well as 4 beautiful themes to choose from. MSN Mahjong provides the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of mahjong.

MSN Mahjong vs Classic Mahjong

Why play Classic Mahjong?

Classic Mahjong is another popular version of Mahjong Solitaire that you can play online on this website. Classic Mahjong is a modern version of the classic puzzle game, with a slick design and lots of features. Play through 120 hand-crafted puzzles, enjoy the game at full screen on any device and customize the design to your liking. Challenge yourself to the best time by enabling a timer, or try collecting all the stars for completing puzzles. Play now and find your fun with Classic Mahjong!

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* Please note that Classic Mahjong is an independent entity and is not affiliated with MSN Mahjong. All rights to the respective game, logos, and other intellectual property used for comparison belong solely to MSN Mahjong (or the respective owner).