Mahjong Relax

Mahjong Relax

Take a break with the calming puzzle game Mahjong Relax. Mahjong Relax is a popular version of the classic Mahjong Solitaire without a time limit and offers unlimited hints and shuffles! In this game, tiles are arranged into the most known mahjong layout “the Turtle”. Additionally to hint and shuffle features, this game offers an undo button that allows you to take back any move you made if you deem it not good. Also, in the top left corner, you can find the total number of tiles left and how many open pairs there are at any given time during the game.

Mahjong Relax is less challenging than other games like Mahjong Cards or Mahjong Connect and is a perfect way to unwind!

How to play

Mahjong Relax is a type of Mahjong Solitaire game and it’s played similarly. Your goal is to remove all mahjong tiles from the screen. Find and match tiles with similar images to remove them. Only free mahjong tiles can be removed. A free tile is a tile that is not blocked by tiles on the sides and top. It’s really that simple!

If you get stuck, you are free to use hint, undo and shuffle features which are available at the top.


Left click on a tile to select it.


Mahjong Relax was developed by Gameboss.